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Learn and Watch How To Jump Higher Fast

Explode Up Increase Your Vertical Jump Fast With the Addition of 1 Exercise!

2 Juin 2017 , Rédigé par Ahmad Alan

By Brandon Richey

What's going on guys my name is Alan from berzingues.over-blog.com. Whether you are working to increase your vertical jump for basketball, football, baseball, or any other sport for that matter you have got to be doing the right things in order to make it happen. There is only one way for you to do this and no it doesn't involve some ridiculous calf workout or some stupid ankle weight that you walk around with everyday. The real secret to unleashing your vertical jumping power involves increasing your core strength and hip explosiveness! Keep reading if I have your attention.

Increase Your Vertical Jump Fast With Kettlebell Snatches!

Increase Your Vertical Jump

Let me be clear that vertical jump training can be obtained in a number of different ways. There are an arsenal of strategies and tactics that you should be using in order to improve this particular physical feat. Now, having said that if you are going to incorporate one of these strategies into your strength and conditioning program, then you need to adopt the Kettlebell snatch lift. This is one lift that will help you to develop a solid, powerful core and explosive hips. It also happens to be awesome for your shoulders.

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Now to execute the Kettlebell snatch you will need the availability of at least a single bell of moderate to heavy resistance depending on your personal level of strength. If you are a complete novice with the Kettlebell then I would suggest you use a light weight first to get down the movement. Now from here the objective is for you to pull the bell from either the ground or from between your legs up to a held position above your head in one smooth complete motion. This is done by you pulling the bell in a more vertical trajectory (with only a slight arc) by forcefully flexing and then extending at both your hips and knees.

As you pull the bell into the upward phase you will want to elevate it to a point that is just lateral to your head. This is known as the high pull. At this high pull position you are mimicking the act of pulling back on a bow like before you shoot a bow and arrow. Once the bell reaches this high pull position you will want to then complete the lift by vertically punching your palm towards the ceiling. As you punch the palm make sure to allow the bell to smoothly roll over the back of your forearm smoothly and not bang or slap your forearm. This is some serious vertical jump strength training my friend.

If you haven't already started to implement the Kettlebell snatch lift into your vertical jumping program then you are missing out. Take the time to learn more killer tactics for your vertical jump training by accessing more of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most any athlete can train hard, but only the champions train smart!

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