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Learn and Watch How To Jump Higher Fast

How to increase your jumping form

2 Juin 2017 , Rédigé par Ahmad Alan

What's up guys, welcome back with me Alan from berzingues.over-blog.com. Ever wondered why you're jumping is never consistent? When trying to jump higher and improve your vertical jump form, you find that sometimes you jump higher or lower than the previous jump. To fix these you need to follow the steps below. This will help you jump more consistently and will also help in training such as, when performing the exercise depth jumps, you can maintain your high jump instead of tiring out after 3 or so reps.

How to have better Jump Form

How to Increase Jumping Form

This video will show you how to jump higher with better vertical jump form. It will help make your vertical jump form, or jumping form better. It gives you professional examples with athletes like Spud Webb; former NBA dunk champion showing you how they jump.

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A summary of the video is shown below in text form;

  1. Get Warm Increase the elasticity of muscles and joints. Increase blood flow to muscles
  2. Stretch Further increases the elasticity of muscles and supporting structures. Warm up and stretch opposing muscles to allow for full joint movement.
  3. Eliminate mental blocks Don't allow your mind to interfere when you're jumping
  4. Exaggerate last step This lowers your body, creating more force to jump higher
  5. Use whole body Prep your arms and lower back to be involved in your jump
  6. Transfer motion transfers the motion of your jump effectively, don't stutter step.


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