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Learn and Watch How To Jump Higher Fast

Vertical Explosion Review

2 Juin 2017 , Rédigé par Ahmad Alan Publié dans #vertical jump

What's going on guys, welcome back with me Alan from berzingues.over-blog.comI would like to present to you a review of Vertical Explosion. The Vertical Explosion Training Program is the most comprehensive vertical leap exercise program on the market today. Vertical Explosion is light years ahead of every other vertical jump workout program in every way possible. The program contains many different tools to help you succeed in increasing your vertical leap.

Vertical Explosion Training Guide

Vertical Explosion Review

The guide you will receive is the one pictured to the left of this review. It explains in detail every vertical jump exercise you will be doing throughout your training. Not only does it just provide information on the exercise, but it also gives recommended reps and sets for each workout. Along with those workouts the training guide explains the philosophy of the program and the science behind the exercises that will be increasing your vertical leap.

Vertical Explosion Training Videos

This program contains plenty of videos that demonstrate exactly how you should be performing your vertical jump exercises. These videos ensure that you are getting the most of your time working out and staying safe while doing so. The video walks you through your entire workout in an easy to follow fashion. You'll love it!

Vertical Jump Exercises On Your iPod

The videos you will be receiving with your vertical jump program are also conveniently available in a format suitable for your iPod or other portable video player. You'll be able to increase your vertical leap in the gym or on the road!

Jumping Workout Training Logs

The Vertical Explosion program comes with great workout logs to help track your progress while increasing your vert. If you want to see results, you need to keep a lot of your training. With that log you will be able to see where you excel and where you need work. These workout logs will do exactly that and keep you on the path to success while providing great motivation.

Vertical Explosion Extras

When you order the Vertical Explosion guide you receive free updates for life! How cool is that? Anytime an addition or update is made to the vertical jump program, you have access for free. You will also get a guide on increasing your metabolism which leads to easier weight loss. Lost pounds are extra inches on your vert!

Final Thoughts

Vertical Explosion is a fantastic product. I personally cannot think of a way it can be improved, but I will still only be giving it a 9/10. Someday a company will put together a better program to increase your vertical leap, but for now, Vertical Explosion is the best product on the market.


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